Handgun Competition Primer

Want to add challenge and fun to your shooting routine?  Practical handgun competitions are exciting, fast paced shooting events that will test your skills!

We will get you up to speed on what you need to know before attending your first match and make you feel more comfortable with how everything works.  Topics include rules, gear, procedures, how it all works, and some tips for success!

Many are interested in the shooting sports but are reluctant to get out there and try it.  This short, classroom-only seminar should help break the ice.  The class will be tailored around practical handgun competition, specifically USPSA.

No need to bring any gear, just some snacks/lunch for a short break around noon!

Attendance will be capped at ten students.

Next Date:  7/30/17 @ F3 Tactical in Chantilly.  Class begins at 10am and will wrap up around 2.

Cost:  $35